Guard unit on quarantine duty gets letters of appreciation

Sergeant Robert Juanillo reads a letter of appreciation from a quarantined guest.

A Guam National Guard unit assigned to the government quarantine facility received letters of appreciation from their guests.

Task Force Shield is a temporary unit under the Guam National Guard. The members assist travelers who are going through quarantine.

Once travelers arrive at the airport, task force members take their information. At the facility, they assist with logistics and even provide deliveries to guests.

Three members of the Task Force —- Sergeant Robert Juanillo, Tech Sergeant Cynthia Fejeran, and Specialist David Bautista — read letters that were given to them by facility guests.

They said the letters bring positivity during these times.

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“You know, it kind of boosts your morale. We already know that it’s busy and it gets stressful. But when you come across these little notes, it boosts up our morale and it makes us feel a whole lot better to know we made a difference in people’s lives,” Juanillo said.

Fejeran said: “It’s a good feeling. Unfortunately, we can’t make everyone happy so when we get praise like that, it makes us feel good. It does boost up our morale and makes us feel appreciated.”

Bautista said: “I really appreciate being on this mission. It’s actually a blessing in disguise for me and I pray that everyone stays safe during these hard times.”

The Task Force members said they feel appreciated knowing their efforts are not overlooked.