Gubernatorial Candidates Stump for Last Minute Votes


Guam – Despite the morning showers, it didn’t stop the early voters when the polling station at JQ San Miguel opened at 7AM. The First Gubernatorial candidate to vote during this primary election was Republican Eddie Baza Calvo. 

Calvo says he is feeling good about Calvo – Tenorio Campaign. For the past 14 months they traveled and met a lot of the people throughout the island.

Calvo says, “We have been listening to all the issues that are important to everyone and we have been giving them our views in many areas. We’ve laid out our record on what we’ve done in the past and put together the plans for our future. Now its a up to the people to make a decision on who they feel will best lead them.  God willing and the people willing, I will have an opportunity to move forward into the general election.”

And who did he vote for? 

Calvo said I voted for a new direction, one that believes in the Guamanian dream and that better times are ahead, Calvo Tenorio of Course.

Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Cruz also voted early at Tamuning Elementary school. We caught up with him stumping for last minute votes at Oceanview   Middle School in Agat.

Cruz turned out with his family and supporters. He was joined by his running mate Senator Jim Espaldon. He told us the Cruz-Espaldon team is is confident. But he said no matter what the outcome, when its over  he said, all republicans will unit, no mater who the winner is.

And, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Gutierrez voted at Agana Hts Elementary school around 8:30AM
He says despite that he’s running un- opposed, he says its still a 3-way race.

According to Gutierrez, we want to be up and in front of the other candidates running because its important to move forward with this momentum in the general election having our team ahead of the other two.”

For 40 years Guam has elected its own Governor, now this is the first time in history that the Democrats fielded only one candidate. He urged all the Democratic voters to come out because he wants a strong and united Democratic presence.

Gutierrez says, “Of all the teams, we are the ones that are connected with the people and my administration of eight years proves that and thats why I think a lot of  people came out to register to vote to bring back the happy times under the Gutierrez administration.”

And how does he think the day will end?

Gutierrez says people are going to be out there in the yellow and maroon colors yelling, “You are still the one”  and when the day is over we are going to be still the one.