Calvo-Tenorio Team Addresses GCC Students


Guam – Guam Community College held its second of two Gubernatorial Forums last night, this time featuring the Republican Team of Senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio.

Senator Ray Tenorio talked to the students in the Criminal Justice and Social Science Department about the need to provide Guamanians with opportunities to succeed in the midst of the Military Buildup.

“We want to provide the opportunities and make sure the resources are given to Guam Community College, the Department of Education, Public Safety, to the public health agencies to give you the ability to seek out and obtain the dreams that you want for yourself and your family”  The Candidate for Lt. Governor said.

Senator Eddie Calvo also talked to the students about education.  The Gubernatorial hopeful said that along with infrastructure education is one of the most important investments to move an economy forward.

“That is why (as senator) it was so important for me to move forward in instilling the Guamanian dream and getting our people the resources to become the best that they can be to focus dollars in education.”  Calvo said.

The forums were scheduled by GCC’s Management Development Class.  Last Wednesday Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Carl Gutierrez talked to the class about the need to make sure Guam is treated fairly by the Federal Government in the Military Buildup.  His running mate Senator Frank Aguon Jr. talked about preparing for a growing population on Guam.