Gubernatorial Race To Be Recounted; All Other Races, But Delegate, Certified


Guam- Supporters and voters packed the GCIC Building late Friday evening as the Guam Election Commission (GEC) Board of Directors voted to recount the Gubernatorial race and certify all other races, except for the Guam Delegate, in the General Election.

The recount for the gubernatorial race is happening today at 10 am in GEC’s second floor conference room. All 4 tabulators will be used for the recount. The ballots will not be counted by hand.

The board also voted to certify the legislative, Attorney General, Consolidated Commission on Utilities, the judicial retention, and the Agat vice mayoral races. The uncontested delegate race will not be certified until some outstanding absentee military ballots have been received and counted.

However, even before the board voted, they had to address a number of other issues. Several administrative complaints were submitted, including one from the Democratic party right before the 4 pm meeting began. The board also voted down a motion to allow current chairman John Taitano to participate in the meeting by phone. Taitano has been off island getting checked for an illness and other personal reasons.

Bill McCullough, GEC’s consultant for technical support of the 4 tabulators, also reported he discovered 3 precincts with discrepancies. According to McCullough, precincts 13 from Agana Heights had 835 non-partisan votes counted, but only 829 people registered. He also talked about Precincts 5a & 6 from Santa Rita and Umatac having discrepancies.

Members will also be addressing the UOCAVA ballots on November 15 at a later date, as well as issues of provisional ballots, absentee votes and the home bound voting process. GEC officials are in the process of creating another list of absent precinct officials that didn’t show up on election day.

In the meantime, 4 representatives from both the democratic and republican parties are allowed for the gubernatorial recount. Guam Police have also been assigned to provide security support to GEC throughout tonight and during the tabulation process tomorrow.

The board also agreed with member Martha Ruth’s clarification that they will certify the results immediately after the recount the done. The recount should be between 4 – 6 hours.