Gubernatorial Teams Debate For The Last Time


Guam – Last night the two gubernatorial teams faced each other in debate for the last time. The field house was completely sold out and literally split in half with supporters from both sides.

In their opening statement the Calvo/Tenorio team went right after Gutierrez/Aguon. Calvo said, “You remember Hanom Take, you remember 38 percent graduation rates in our schools? You remember 10 thousand people unemployed?” “If you are truly for the people then why do you hold them down if you really care for people then why do you tear families apart?” said Calvo adding “when you’ve got 15 billion dollars coming to our island ladies and gentlemen you can only trust Eddie Baza Calvo.”

 The Gutierrez Aguon team responded to this briefly saying, “Ladies and gentlemen you know what I heard earlier that I was not trying to bring anybody’s family into this you chose to name Selectcare Calvo’s Selectcare not me. All I’m trying to do is to stop you from hurting other people’s families that’s all.”

 But for the most part they stuck to the issues. When asked how they would preserve Guam’s culture Gutierrez said preserving Guam’s native language is key. “Ladies and gentlemen language is the umbilical cord of our culture when they said that the Hebrews lost their language it was a dead language and the old Irish was dead guess what, they’re speaking it now. What we need to understand that losing your language is not just not being able to speak it it’s about losing your way of thinking and that ladies and gentlemen we must never let that happen to the most special people on earth the Chamorro people here on Guam,” said Gutierrez.

 When asked about improving public safety Calvo again took some jabs at Gutierrez’s record as governor saying, “I wanna thank Governor Camacho too when you look at his term he increased the number of police officers we have on patrol compared to my opponent’s administration anyone can look at statistics there were record numbers of rapes, murders, and violent crimes during my opponents administration and they had less police officers on the streets. That won’t happen in a Calvo/Tenorio administration.”

 Gutierrez never responded to these jabs and again focused mostly on answering the questions asked. When asked about how he would strengthen the economy he spoke about strengthening tourism regardless of the military buildup. “The military buildup will boost our economy but we can’t forget what the cornerstone of our economy is and that’s tourism. We need to put more money into the infrastructure of tourism we need to make sure that we go and look for more areas to bring people in we need to get visa waiver programs like the Philippines, China and others around the area that want to come to an island that has an American flag,” said Calvo.

 Although it did get a bit heated and with the crowds of both teams trading chants in the end both teams pledged to come together after the general election in order to deal with the issues Guam will face as a result of the military buildup.