Guevara On Top In Drift Series


Yigo,Guam- After a week of rain, the skies were blue and it was a beautiful day for a drift competition at the Guam International Raceways Asphalt Oval Track.

A few newcomers to the sport took the plunge and entered their first competition after just a few weeks of learning how to drift. It was really nice to see.

This round was had a new feature to it as it was being streamed live online for the world to see by Jill Aclaro (Expert Driver Edward Dan Aclaro’s mom)

Qualifying started went down with impressive runs by Arvin Aviles in his Automatic Lexus SC300 and aggressive runs by Ray Guevarra in his 1JZ Nissan S14.

Two competitors we have not seen since Round 1 Eugene Fernandez and Don Cabuhat came back with some hunger. Don laid down the best qualifying run of the day on his 3rd and last try, earning him the seed position for the tandem competition.

Tandem Match:

On to the Tandem match up. It was (1)Don Cabuhat vs. (8)Rush Adams (Newcomer) 1st run with Don leading and Rush in chase, Cabuhat kept his drift and Adams spun out and went off course handing Cabuhat the win 10-0.

2nd run with places switched, Rush led with Don chasing. Rush went off course and Don spun out on the last turn. 0-0 and Don moved into the Semi-finals with the points from the first run.

Second match up was (2)Arvin Aviles vs. (7)Eric Redoble (Newcomer). Arvin of Team Look Super led the first run with clean pass through the course, Eric of DARS Drift Squad chased but spun out on his first judged turn, so points were given to Arvin 10-0.

With places switched, Eric led with Arvin following and pressuring the newcomer, although Eric did not spin out this time he did not drift on a couple of turns giving Arvin the point advantage of 8-2. Arvin moved on to the semi’s.

Third match up on the ladder was (3) Ray Guevarra  vs. (5) Daeven Epitacio both of DARS Drift Squad battled each other in their lime green Nissan 240’s. Ray led the first run with Daeven chasing. Daeven had some understeering issues and ended up going off course giving the run to his team mate Ray 10-0. Second Run Daeven led but spun out again giving the points 10-0 to ray as well as the spot on the semi finals.

Fourth match up on the ladder to determine the last spot for the semi finals was between (4) Eugene Fernandez vs. (6) Diana Guevarra. Eugene of Team Redemption ran lead with last round’s champ Diana chasing. They both had similar runs but Eugene edged Diana with a 6-4. Changing places, Diana led the next run with Eugene following. Both cars ended up making mistakes and spun out ending that run with a 0-0. Since Eugene had the points from the first run he advanced and Diana was left behind.

Semi Finals:

The first battle in the semi finals was Arvin Aviles vs. Eugene Fernandez. Arvin led first run with Eugene following. Eugene lost control and spun out right before entering the infield of the course giving Arvin the win on that run with a 10-0. Second run with Eugene leading and Arvin following, Eugene ran a real good thru the course, Arvin stalled on one of the turns and straightened out a bit giving Eugene the run with a 6-4 but that wasnt enough for him to advance. Arvin moved into the finals.

Second battle in the semi’s was Don Cabuhat vs, Ray Guevarra. Ray led first run with Don on chase. Ray had a cleaner run on the first run powering thru the course with his 1jz powered machine giving him the 6-4 advantage. Second run with Don leading and Ray on chase, Don came in with an early initiation on entry, and sailed thru the course hitting every turn, Ray made several corrections causing him to straighten out  and lose his drift throughout giving Don the 7-3 advantage and just enough to advance into the finals.

Battle for 3rd was between Eugene and Ray. Ray led first run with Eugene chasing. Ray had a very strong lead in points as Eugene stalled upon entry into the infield and Ray was running strong up until the last turn where he too lost control and almost spun out giving Eugene 9-1 lead. On second pass Eugene led with Ray chasing, coming into the same turn going into the infield Eugene finally spun out, causing Ray to stop so points were given to Ray 10-0. Ray won 3rd place for the event.

The final battle was between Arvin & Don. Don took the lead but spun his car right at initiation giving all the points to Arvin 10-0. Switching places Arvin led and Don chased… but spun out again in the same spot giving Arvin the win for Round 3 of the Proline Drift Series presented by Monster Energy Drink, GoPro, and Outback steakhouse.

(After looking into it, Don discovered that his tension rod had come loose causing him to loose steering control)

Tandem Results:

1. Arvin Aviles

2. Don Cabuhat

3. Ray Guevarra

Season Points

1.) Ray Guevarra 10 + 16 + 16 = 42

2.) Diana Guevarra 8 + 20 + 10 = 38
3.) Arvin Aviles 16 + 0 + 20 = 36

4.) Don Cabuhat 12 + 0 + 18 = 30

5.) Von Burrell 20 + 0 + 0 = 20

6.) Jomarie Sapungan 1 + 18 + 0 = 19
7.) Eugene Fernandez 4 + 0 + 14 = 18

8.) Edward Dan Aclaro 18 + 0 + 0 =18

9.) Warren Malig 2 + 10 + 4 = 16

10.) Laban Duplichan 0 + 14 + 0 = 14
11.) Ron Avelino 14 + 0 + 0 = 14
12.) Daeven Epitacio 1 + 0 + 12 = 13

13.) Jaimee Mendiola 1 + 12 + 0 = 13
14.) Eric Redoble 0 + 0 + 8 = 8
15.) Rush Adams 0 + 0 + 6 = 6

16.) Jeong Choi 6 + 0 + 0 = 6

17.) Fred Baldwin 1 + 0 = 1