Guma’ Gela’ lines up events for Pride Month

Guma Gela
From left, the founders of Guma’ Gela,’ Clay Josh, Roquin Jon-Siongco, and Eddie Acfalle. Guma’ Gela’ is a queer CHamoru art collective rooted in inclusion and inafa’maolek. (Photo from Guma’ Gela')

Guma’ Gela’ continues its mission to celebrate and amplify the voices of CHamoru LGBTQ plus people in Guam through their upcoming events for Pride Month.

With June being Pride Month, several organizations on Guam are hosting various activities to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Amongst these organizations is Guma’ Gela,’ the CHamoru queer art collective, comprised of three inspiring individuals, including Roquin Jon-Siongco, Clay Josh, and Eddie Acfalle.

PNC caught up with Guma’ Gela founder Roquin Jon-Siongco at the Sagan Kotturan CHamoru cultural center to discuss the events that the organization has lined up for the month of June.

Guma’ Gela’ has been hosting a series of Zoom talks during the first three Sundays of June, that center around topics ranging from “coming out and coming to”— to family planning and parenting.

“Guma’ Gela’ has a series of Zoom talks this month going over a few topics such as coming out and coming to stories, as well as folks that are dreamers, makers, aspirations…as well as one revolving around family planning,” Roquin said.

In addition to the Zoom talks, Guma’ Gela’ is set to host the “Ginen Gof Li’e” art exhibit at the Sagan Kotturan CHamoru Cultural Center at the end of this month. The exhibition aims to offer a safe space for individuals to celebrate the experiences of CHamoru queer people in Guam. The art exhibit will also feature the work of Guinaiya yan Puspus and Guma’ Gela,’ as well as an altar dedicated to honoring our queer ancestors.

“We have a lot of local voices sharing their stories/experiences/struggles—their hopes and dreams. So, we’re looking forward to featuring that. The last element of it that I’m super excited about personally is the community interactive part. We’re gonna have a community altar where folks can come in, drop in names, set intentions, and leave some offerings for folks that are no longer with us, as well as hopes and dreams for the future, and what kind of legacy they would like to leave behind,” Roquin said.

According to Roquin, the collective hopes to amplify the voices that make up the LGBTQ+ community during this month, and each month that follows, through their efforts to provide spaces in which individuals can feel seen, heard, loved, and accepted.

For more details about the group’s events, visit @GUMA_GELA on Instagram.