Guma Mami Suffers Pay Less Pay Day Because GovGuam Owes The Agency Over $100K


Guam- Another non profit agency that is struggling to stay afloat because of the Government of Guam’s cash shortfall is Guma Mami.

According to Executive Director Bernie Grajek, her employees haven’t been paid since Monday because GovGuam owes them over $100 thousand dollars. She also says since Guma Mami shares a lot of the same clients with Catholic Social Services (CSS), both agencies are struggling together to pay its vendors.

Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann is the Board President of Guma Mami. He explains the Department of Mental Health and Social Services (DMHSS) did transmit paperwork to the Department of Administration (DOA). However, they still haven’t received word their 25 employees will be getting paid.

“Mental health has been keeping us posted on what’s going on, but unfortunately, because it is GovGuam payday this weekend, they don’t foresee issuing a check probably until next week” said Hofmann. “We’ve asked for our employees patience and they’ve been really good because the service they provide really is a labor of love also. And so, they’re not ones to really get all angry and everything so we really appreciate and applaud their efforts and we’re really honored to have them on board.”

Despite the pay less payday, Hofmann adds they are still planning to have their Christmas party this Saturday, January 8 for their consumers.

The non profit organization has existed since 1981 and provides 24 hour residential and support services for individuals with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities.