GUMA Recognized for its Service and Support to Guam Businesses


Guam Unique Merchandise and Art (GUMA) Inc. is recognized for its service and support to Guam businesses.

Reporting on this resolution is PNC’s, Khyomara Santana…

Senator Clynton E. Ridgell presented the resolution to GUMA yesterday in recognition of their 9 years of service to Guam businesses, while also congratulating them for supporting Guam’s entrepreneurship.

GUMA is a non-profit organization formed in 2013, that assists the island’s residents with the training and support needed to develop sustainable businesses.

Monica Guzman, Executive Director of GUMA said, “We have just over 200 people that have gone through our home-based business training. And just this week our board approved our microcredit grants to 11 of those businesses and what we’ve done is we’ve had a process where every quarter these home-based businesses can apply for microcredit grants”

Also, their incubator program provides funding for startups through competitive grants, which so far helped incubate 32 local small businesses.

It was said that GUMA helps improve the vitality of Guam’s local economy, food security, and sustainability by supporting these home-based companies.

The last training held at Barrigada was a full house, so they are expecting a huge turnout for the upcoming sessions in other villages.

Senator Ridgell said, “What you guys are doing is helping to create the new batch of local entrepreneurs and helping people who might wanna get into business but don’t quite know how to start. They have an idea and they just need a little bit of help and you guys are providing them that help”

Reporting for the Pacific News Center, I’m Khyomara Santana.