Bail set at $500K for gunman in deadly Harmon shooting


“I felt as though I shouldn’t have used my gun in this situation,, but I was afraid for my life. I regret not resolving this another way,” stated Jospeh Sagdal.

Guam – A clearer picture of the events that unfolded during the deadly Harmon shooting has been painted by the gunman, Joseph Nicholas Sagdal.

Sagdal is not your ordinary 24-year-old college student, he was trained in the use of weapons and he worked as a shooting instructor. His weapon, a black Canik TP-9, 9 millimeter caliber handgun, which he had and used Sunday night.

But what happened before shots rang out that tragic night? According to court documents, Sagdal told police that he had gone to the Hemlani’s Apartments to pay back a 20-dollar debt to a man identified as “John.”

It was there in the parking lot that he encountered Brokey Thamaso, one of the men whose life was lost. During that encounter court documents state that the two other men who were present during the shooting alleged that a verbal altercation occurred between Sagdal and Thamaso.

They explained that Thamaso pulled out a slingshot and aimed it at Sagdal, shooting him in the face. The four men then left in a silver Nissan Sentra headed northbound towards East Taitano Road.

While Sagdal told police that he doesn’t know why Thamaso shot at him, he did reveal how he reacted. According to court documents, Sagdal reached into his backseat, grabbed his gun case, removed and readied his gun by loading a live magazine and chambering a round. He then got into his blue Toyota sedan and pursued the Sentra, catching up to to them near Route 16, where Sagdal alleges Thamaso ran out of the car and taunted him.

Court documents state that this is when the fatal shooting began, as Sagdal leaned outside the driver’s side window and shot at the vehicle an unknown amount of times. Sagdal told police that as Thomaso tried to run away and get back into the car, he fired more shots at the vehicle. He further stated that he continued pursuit of the Sentra by pulling foward, making a u-turn and stopping in the middle of Route 16, where he fired a couple more shots at the Sentra.

After he was done shooting, court documents reveal that Sagdal unloaded his gun and set it on the top of his vehicle.

At the scene, police discovered the Sentra riddled with bullet holes. Near the Sentra Thamaso laid lifeless with a gun shot wound to the head. The second victim identified by the victim’s relative as Afive Mwrecheong was on the ground near the bus stop bleeding from his stomach and shoulder. He was pronounced dead at GRMC.

Sagdal was at the scene when police arrived, and after being read his Miranda Rights he wrote in his statement, “I felt as though I shouldn’t have used my gun in this situation, but I was afraid for my life. I regret not resolving this another way.”

In court today, Sagdal appeared for a magistrate hearing where he was formally charged with two counts aggravated murder as a first degree felony, with the special allegation of use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. Bail was set at $500,000.

Meanwhile, Medical Examiner Doctor Aurelio Espinola could not positively identify the second victim at this time, however he did state that he was not able to complete the autopsy as a result of the number of gun shots sustained. Espinola said there were “too many” entry and exit wounds and he could not locate some of the bullets. He will continue the autopsy tomorrow and will order an x-ray to locate the bullets inside the victim’s body. The victim was positively identified by relatives as Afive Mwrecheong.

Sagdal’s next hearing is set for December 29, 2017.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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