Guthertez Asks Governor To Reveal His Recommendations To Feds On Buildup


Guam -Senator Judi Guthertz is calling on the Camacho Administration to reveal what it told the Office of  Economic Adjustment about some of the problems it anticipated would result from the military buildup.

In a release Sunday, Guthertz says that the Record of Decision [ROD] reveals for the first time that Governor Camacho has been involved for some time in talks with the Office of Economic Adjustment and other federal agencies aimed at identifying potential problems caused by the buildup and coming up with projects to solve them.

Read Guthertz’s letter to Governor

According to her release, some of the areas that were discussed were health care, public health, judicial services, emergency services, cultural resources and education and the ROD suggested this process would lead to funding of projects to meet specific island needs. And she says that the ROD reveals that the Governor’s Office proposed specific projects within each socio-economic area of interest for further consideration.‛

As the Chair of the Guam Military Buildup Committee, Guthertz  is asking Governor Camacho, “as a courtesy,”  to inform the Legislature of the nature of the problems identified and details of proposed solutions/projects.

Senator Guthertz said it was important that lawmakers have an opportunity to support and promote the ‘mitigation measures’ being proposed with federal officials.

In her release, Guthertz calls it “unfortunate” that lawmakers were not informed of this initiative earlier, since it undercuts the “Team Guam”  approach.

Guether also called on the Governor, once again, “to impanel the Guam First Commission which is mandated by Guam law,” which she said would “provide the proper body for discussions and negotiations with the military in the implementation of the ROD.”