Guthertz Bill Would Assist Those With Disabilities


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz has introduced legislation would improve access for the disabled.

According to a release, Bill 486 seeks to update access concerns for members of our community that require the use of accessible and van-accessible parking stalls.

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Guthertz says during a recent meeting with persons with disabilities, led by Roland Taimanglo, former director of the department of education, she learned parking for individuals with disabilities is often a challenge in spite of the available access stalls since many times these stall spaces are used, blocked, or simply unavailable.

“This is quite a burden for persons who may avail of these parking stalls, especially for persons disembarking from vehicles that utilize assertive devices such as wheelchairs and other related aids or for individuals whose disability requires adequate clearance,” stated Sen. Guthertz.

She added, “There is a sentiment of inequity and disservice experienced by individuals with disabilities requiring the services of adequately identified and properly utilized assigned areas for parking and disembarking from vehicles.”

Also a challenge is the enforcement and adjudication processes relative to ensuring that accessible and van-accessible parking stalls are utilized by persons who require the additional parking considerations.

Bill 486-30(COR) seeks to address issues such as the failure to properly display an accessible access placard; persons who possess a valid placard not disembarking from a vehicle; and persons improperly parking in van-accessible aisles and to facilitate a broader understanding by the island community regarding the rights and needs of individuals with disabilities to freely and without encumbrance utilize accessible and van-accessible parking stalls.