Guthertz Calls for Separate Agreements For All Cultural Sites Uncovered by Buildup


Guam – In  a  letter  to  Deputy  Assistant  Secretary  of  the  Navy  Donald  Schregardus,  Buildup Committee Chair Senator  Judi Guthertz calls for separate agreements on how to handle each cultural site threatened by a buildup project.

In her letter, Guthertz states that separate agreements are necessary “to avoid disastrous and irretrievable mistakes.”

Guthertz also told Secretary Schregardus that the pace of discoveries about Guam’s heritage is increasing  by  the  year  and  requiring  constant  review  and  re‐writing  of  local  and international textbooks to reflect this new knowledge.

Read Guthertz’s letter

In a release, the Senator argues that the currently proposed programmatic Agreement for dealing with cultural sites is a ‘one size fits all’ agreement that “isn’t good enough for the people of Guam.” 

Senator Guthertz also reminded Secretary Schregardus that Guam has yet to be allowed to decide its political status and is thus owed full protection of its land, culture, artifacts and heritage by the United States: “Please remember that the [U.S.] Government is in a trustee relationship  with  Guam  under  the  United  Nations  system  since  our  own  national government has declared to the United Nations that Guam is non‐self‐governing and under
the trusteeship of the United States.”