Guthertz Optimistic Following Meeting With New JGPO Director Ludovici


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz has released a statement expressing optimism following her meeting last week with new JGPO Director Joesph Ludovici.

During his meeting with the legislators last week, Director Ludovici explained that his previous Navy  experience had  been  that  the  military  focused  on  meetings  and  planning  with  local executive  branches.  He  said  he  could  now  see  Guam  required  a  different  approach  and promised meetings in the new year involving all parties to keep buildup progress on track.

In a letter to Ludovici,  Guthertz praised the JPGO Director for his willingness to consider alternatives to existing plans.

“This is what should have occurred back in 2007 and 2008, I am so gratified to hear that you now recognize the importance of bringing the Guam Legislature into the loop.”

Senator Guthertz said the meeting revealed to her that Director Ludovici’s colleagues had not been sharing some of the many documents and counter proposals to the buildup plans that she spent months drafting and sending to JGPO in Washington, so the long time academic assigned a hefty piece of homework: A total of 39 documents are on their way to D.C. for Ludovici’s review.

“[T]here are many options including building multistory housing units like in Pearl Harbor and San Diego and also constructing housing for our Marines on Andersen Air Force base…”

One housing option, Guthertz said, would be going up instead of spreading out: “Your admission that  building  vertically  is  indeed  an  option  to  the  acquisition  of  680  acres  of  new  land  is  a noteworthy revelation of your character and honesty.”

Senator  Guthertz  laid  a  number  of  past  problems  with  the  buildup  at  the  door  of  JGPO, including a previous policy of dealing directly with the executive branch and cutting out the legislature.

“You may be interested to know that Assistant Secretary Jacky Pfannenstiel recently wrote to me pledging that the Legislature would receive the next version of the Guam Joint Military Master Plan. JGPO  denied  my  request  for  a  copy  of  the  July  2008  version  while  giving  it  to  our Governor and various civilian consultants,” Senator Guthertz said.