Guthertz Questions Absence of Firm Commitment to Missile Defense for Guam In ROD


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz is questioning why the military’s initial plans for a missile defense system on Guam are now uncertain.

In a release the Senator points out that “language salted away within the ROD suggests that Guam is just one of many possible sites for the missile system.” The Draft EIS included plans for the stationing of that missile defense system here.

The Legislature’s Buildup Chair says she has written a letter to Assistant Navy Secretary Secretary Pfannenstiel asking for clarification of any plan to delay or divert the missile site elsewhere in the United States.

Read Guthertz’s letter to Pfannenstiel

“How can any other site compete with Guam in the need for protection against a ballistic missile attack? Why is further study needed?  Is the United States serious about making Guam a militarily significant strategic asset?  If so, it must be protected.”