Guthertz Recommends Marine Houseing be Built Up, Not Out, To Avoid Using More Land


Guam – Buildup Committee Chair Senator Judi Guthertz says she has recommended that the new military housing for the Marines be built as apartments rather than single family units in order to avoid the need to use more land.

A release from the Senator says that following a meeting yesterday between Senators and the visiting federal delegation, the leader of the delegation, Under-Secretary of the Navy Robert Work, “disclosed that he was proceeding after the meeting to Andersen Air Force Base to discuss utilizing Air Force land for the marines coming to Guam from Okinawa.”

The release claims that the Pentagon “has picked up on recommendations made by Senator Judi Guthertz as long ago as a year ago.”

“On January 21, 2010, and several times thereafter, for the marines to avoid any need for the 681 acres of the former FAA Housing Area by having dense housing, designing vertical housing, and by using air force and empty conservation land.

The release states that Guthertz is hopeful “that the military is finally looking at staying within its current footprint for housing.”

The release quotes Guthertz as saying “now, let’s see what comes of it. The services are supposed to be joint and we need to see the air force shoulder its fair share of the burden.”

On the matter of Pagat and the Riring ranges, Guthertz remains concerned with how the military defines the geographical boundaries of the Pagat area. During the meeting with the federal delegation yesterday,  Senator Guthertz “reiterated her concerns with building firing ranges outside the military’s current footprint.”

Guthertz also pointed out a recent decision by the U.S. Army in Oahu to close their Makua Valley firing range because of environmental degradation.The Senator says the Army decided to utilize their own land in Scofield and other lands on the big island for training purposes.

The release quotes Guthertz as saying  “the people of Guam have the same concerns that the people of Hawaii have had regarding the firing ranges. I will continue to represent the best interests of the people of Guam in dealing with the military on these and other matters regarding the buildup.”