Guthertz Urges Governor, Bushong Keep CMCC Meetings Open & Convene Guam First Commission


Guam – Guam Military Buildup Committee Chairperson Judi Guthertz is concerned that the Civilian‐Military Coordination Council [CMCC] “hasn’t coordinated much of anything so far” for Guam civilians or for the military.  

In a letter to the Governor and Admiral Bushong the Buildup Committee Chair expresses disappointment that “senior Department of the Navy officials have made it clear that DoD intends the CMCC “to be very narrowly involved in the pacing and scheduling of the buildup, rather than being involved in wider questions of policy behind it.”

Read Guthertz’s  letter

In a release, the Senator also points out that the CMCC’s  predecessor, the Civilian‐Military Task Force rarely shared any of its work in a transparent manner.

The Senator says she has persistently called on former Governor Felix Camacho and now Governor Eddie Calvo to convene the Guam First
Commission to lead the civilian advisory effort.  The Governor has promised to convene the Commission, but has not yet said when he would do that.


Guthertz also says she has sent a joint letter to Governor Calvo and Admiral Bushong warning that “the military may run afoul of GovGuam’s open government requirements if they hold a CMCC meeting off  base and do open it to the public.”

“If it were only a military meeting, especially if held behind the fences, then the military has the option for closing off meetings.  However, since you [Governor Calvo] are co‐chair, then the local open government law applies,” Guthertz said. 

Senator Guthertz urged that any such CMCC meetings be held off base and be open to the public and the media.

The release quotes the senator as saying:  “I would suggest the sense of  transparency and good faith dealings that this would provide would be of  benefit to both parties.”