Guthertz Warns Governor Not to Sign Off On PA; Urges Schregardus to Adopt Separate PA’s for Each Buildup Project


Guam -Senator Judi Guthertz has written to Governor Eddie Calvo warning him not to sign off on the Programmatic Agreement offered by the Department of Defense.

“I strongly urge you to proceed with extreme caution,” writes Guthertz stating ” anything you write that could be remotely construed as aquiecing to Pagat being included in the military firing range plans would undermine our ongoing federal lawsuit.”

The Department of Defense has been pushing for final agreement on the “Programmatic Agreement” and last week agreed to Governor Eddie Calvo’s request that their deadline for completion be extended until the end of this month.

Read Guthertz’s letter to Governor Calvo

Senator Guthertz has also written to Assistant Navy Secretary Donald Schregardus urging the Navy to accept the need for “separate agreements for each” buildup project in order “to avoid disastrous and irretrievable mistakes.”

In her letter to Schregardus, Senator Guthertz argues that “one overarching programmatic agreement for the entire scope of the buildup is foolhardy and short-sighted.”

Read Senator Guthertz’s letter to Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Donald R. Schregardus

The “Programmatic Agreement” between GovGuam and the military would govern the treatment and handling of cultural and historical artifacts uncovered during buildup construction projects.


The issue is expected to come up during a visit this week by a high level delegation of Washington officials. The delegation includes Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalynne Pfannensteil,  Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Dr. Dorothy Robyn, and Assistant Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps Brigadier General Robert Ruark. Schregardus is not among the delegation.