Guthertz Seeks Clarification On Hand Grenade Training Plans At Fire Range


Guam – Buildup Committee Chair Senator Judi Guthertz is seeking clarification from the military on plans to conduct hand grenade training at the proposed firing range near Pagat.

Senator  Guthertz  says upon a closer look at the Record of Decision [ROD] for the buildup she was “surprised” to find out that hand grenade training will be one of the activities at the Pagat site.

In a release, she points out that  “The Record of Decision, on page 40, states, ‘Hand grenade range operations at the proposed Route 15 ranges will result in one residence outside the range boundaries being exposed to noise levels  considered incompatible with residential use, which will be a significant impact.’”

Guthertz has written yet another letter to Assistant Navy Secretary Jackalyne Pfannenstiel saying it is the first she had heard of grenade training on property that would have to be obtained from outside the military  footprint.  The  earlier,  Final  Environmental  Impact  Statement  said  grenade
training would be at one of two sites at Andersen South, but not the Route 15 complex.  

In addition, the ROD indicates that the “noise” would effect about 50 homes in the area and “noise” mitigation plans would have to be put into effect to reduce the “noise” from the hand grenade training.

The ROD says that at least 1 of the 50 homes would be made  “incompatible with residential use.” The Senator says that the Joint Guam Program Office refused to says whose home would be made “incompatible” for residential use. The Joint Guam Program Office [JGPO] declined to comment because of the lawsuit that has been filed by national and local groups to stop the firing range from being built in Pagat.