Gutherz Introduces Animal Advocacy Bill


Guam – Within the first hour of the convening of the 31st Guam Legislature, a comprehensive reform of “antiquated” Guam law on the treatment of animals was put before the lawmakers.
Bill 9-31 would amend and update existing law relative to the Keeping of Animals in Guam. Senator Judi P. Guthertz (D), a prominent advocate of animal causes agreed to shepherd the legislation which was primarily requested and crafted at the request of Guam Animals in Need (GAIN), an animal advocacy group.

“Members of the island community are knowledgeable and have seen firsthand instances where animals have suffered a cruel death from starvation, thirst, or were injured or killed through deliberate acts of cruelty,” the legislation states.

As amended, Guam law would classify “animal abuse in the first degree” as a third degree felony as defined:

“*If the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly, except as otherwise authorized by law:
(1) causes serious physical injury to the animal(s), cruelly causes the death of the animal(s) or tortures the animal(s); or
(2) fails to provide minimum care for the animal(s) in the person’s custody or control, and the failure to provide care results in serious physical injury or death to the animal(s).”