Gutierrez-Aguon Ask Governor To Hold-Off on Calvo’s SelectCare Deductions


Guam – Former governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Agoun Jr. are asking that governor Felix Camacho hold off on imposing the payroll and retirement deductions called for under the new Calvo’s SelectCare contract.



The Gutierrez-Aguon team sent a letter to Camacho characterizing the Calvo’s SelectCare contract as both “price-gouging and profiteering.” Thus the candidates are asking that Camacho hold off on implementing the deductions from payroll and retirement checks until next year when there is a new administration, legislature and attorney general. This way the new government leadership will have the opportunity to address the contract and potentially reverse it’s application. The Gutierrez-Aguon team are also suggesting that the hay study be immediately implemented to enable Gov Guam employees to cope with the increases in insurance.