Gutierrez-Aguon Call for More Federal Support for Guam’s Small Businesses


Guam – The Gutierrez-Aguon gubernatorial team today called upon the federal government to immediately increase staffing levels for the U.S. Small Business Administration branch office in Guam.
“We need to make the processes for local businesses competing for federal government contracts here in Guam easier,” said former Governor Carl T. C. Gutierrez.

The Guam military buildup will involve the largest movement of U. S. armed forces since World War II, and its impact on the local economy and on our people will be unprecedented.  It is just common sense, therefore, that the number of personnel at the SBA Guam Branch Office be increased to match the increase in federal contracting associated with the military buildup.

The Gutierrez-Aguon team believes that Guam’s support for the activities of the US military in the defense of our nation must be balanced with a corresponding policy to improve the quality of life for all of Guam’s people and that policy must include increased staffing at the local office of the SBA.

“It is time for Guam’s small businesses to benefit from their long and loyal support for the US military,” added Senator Frank B. Aguon Jr., “A well staffed SBA Guam branch office is key to making this happen.”

Former Governor Gutierrez and Senator Aguon are both US military service veterans, and it is well known that Guam has the highest participation rate of any community in the U.S.