Gutierrez-Aguon Condemn Signing of SelectCare Contract


Guam – The Democratic Gubernatorial team of former Governor Carl TC Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr. issued the following statement in response to the signing of the FY-2011 GovGuam health insurance contract:

“In a midnight rush to sign the contract in Lake Tahoe both the actions of Governor Felix Camacho and Calvo Enterprises have been revealed to be a collusion between big money and big power with our working families as the loser.”

Separately, Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Aguon Jr. Released his own statement:

Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr., is seriously concerned with the action taken by Governor Felix P. Camacho in signing the health care contract between Calvo’s SelectCare Insurance and the government of Guam while off-island.  (Signed at approximately 11:00 P.M., September 28, 2010, California time).

Clearly, the action is not only highly improper and suspect, it is inorganic.  Especially, in light of the fact that we legally have a sitting Governor by way of Lt. Governor Mike Cruz, as provided for in the Organic Act of Guam.  Subchapter 2 – Executive Branch, §1422b.(a), clearly states:  “(a) Temporary disability or temporary absence of Governor.  In case of the temporary disability or temporary absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor shall have the powers of the Governor.”  [Emphasis added].

One cannot but wonder at the motivation in signing a contract FAX’ed to him off-island, when he has yet to even sign the contracts for Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010.  What now is the rush – what’s the deal?  Two contracts remain unsigned, yet he is willing to jeopardize the integrity of the current process, which already has many questions left unanswered.  One must wonder as to what deal was reached between the Governor and Calvo’s SelectCare.

There is as well the question of the legality of the contract, relative to a certification as to the availability of funds; and, as to whether the difference between the FY-2011 Budget Act and the actual projected cost to the government was presented to the Legislature during the FY-2011 budget discussions and addressed.

This action raises serious questions as to the validity of the contract.  The Governor is gambling with taxpayer money, and the money of over 12,000 government employees and 5,000 plus retirees.  It also shows a lack of respect for the position of Lieutenant Governor, who, in his absence, is the Governor of Guam.