Gutierrez-Aguon Launch Their Campaign Platform – ASAP Guam


Guam – With the General Election just one week away the Gutierrez/Aguon team released their platform Monday, a platform they are calling ASAP Guam or a sustainable and prosperous Guam.

They began by preaching Democratic unity, but they also had within their ranks former Republicans like the Lt. Governor’s brother Greg Cruz. “Yes it is true, I am a Democrat and I’ve been a democrat for exactly one week,” said Cruz.

Then they spoke a little bit about their plan for a Guam a plan they call a sustainable and prosperous Guam or ASAP Guam. The name implies that they will begin on it immediately. “We are gonna initiate work immediately after the election not wait until after January first but initiate work immediately after the election so we can formulate vision 2020,” said Lt. Governor Candidate Frank Aguon Jr.

So what is vision 2020? Candidate for Governor Carl Gutierrez, “One of the cornerstones of our program is vision 2020 a comprehensive social economic development plan for guam that will be produced with input from all sectors from our community and government.” 20:24

Specifically their plan includes a government wide assessment of all agencies and programs. Gutierrez says this will allow them to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of Gov Guam. Most of their platform launch today focused on how they intend to deal with the military buildup. “Power, Water, and Waste Water systems must be unified both inside and outside the fence.,” said Gutierrez adding that “We must ensure that our local people share in the economic growth produced by the buildup, we will implement a local preference program in conjunction with the legislature that federal contracts for local businesses be given to our local people.” Gutierrez also said, “We’ll oppose any land condemnations of private property, pursue the return of Fena reservoir valley and ensure that Pagat is not sold.”

Gutierrez says that they will also also seek the shared use of military recreational facilities, federal funding for Guam’s healthcare, full funding of compact impact funds, and he will implement and convene the Guam First Commission. This is a commission created by law to prepare for the military buildup but never convened by the current governor.

ASAP Guam consists of eleven chapters covering various issues including leadership and governance, federal and international relations, military build-up issues, learning and education, healthcare and wellness, and public infrastructure.