Gutierrez-Aguon Team Calls Calvo-Tenorio Accusations Against CW4 “Pathetic”


Guam – The Gutierrez/Aguon campaign issued the following statement in response to today’s releases from the Calvo/Tenorio campaign:

” Eddie Calvo owns Two Television stations, several radio stations, and a nightly news cast. If anyone should be accused of breaking FCC regulations, it is Eddie Calvo given his flagrant attempt to manipulate public opinion and brain wash our people. How pathetic, that they are accusing our team of doing what they themselves are doing. 
Obviously we can not speak for CW4.  However, when all is said and done it will be the millionaire Eddie Calvo who will end up losing his FCC licenses for the violations that he has committed against the people by trying to use Big Power and Big Money to buy this election.
[EDITOR’s NOTE: Senator Eddie Calvo does not “own” broadcast stations, although members of his family do].