Gutierrez-Aguon Team Move into Cruz-Espaldon Former Headquarters


Guam – The Gutierrez-Aguon gubernatorial campaign is moving full steam ahead. Today they recently acquired a new satellite office in Hagatna less than a mile from their current headquarters.


The new satellite office for the Gutierrez-Aguon team is in the old Cruz-Espaldon headquarters. According to a statement from Gutierrez-Aguon campaign treasurer Jon Junior Calvo, Thursday they “acquired the former headquarters of the Cruz-Espaldon campaign, we are ramping up, our campaign will operate out of both the existing headquarters in the corn building and the new satellite location.”

The statement adds that this is a natural part of the transition from primary to general election campaign mode. The first group to utilize the additional space will be the young adults for Gutierrez-Aguon or YAGA group.