Gutierrez-Aguon Urge Governor Not to Sign SelectCare Plan


Guam – The Calvo SelectCare Plan for GovGuam employees and retirees, which was negotiated last June, has not yet been signed by Governor Felix Camacho. Spokesman for the Attorney General’s office Bryan Cruz told PNC News Thursday that the GovGuam SelectCare contract has been transmitted to the Governor’s office for his signature.

Open enrollment for the GovGuam health insurance plan  ends on Monday.

However, the Gutierrez-Aguon team is now urging the Governor not to sign it.

Read the Gutierrez-Aguon letter to Governor Camacho

In their letter to the Governor,  Gutierrez-Aguon write that “Given that the proposed health insurance rates provide for increases that impose an unfair and onerous burden on employees, retirees and their families we call upon you to hold existing rate in their place and continue coverage.”

The Gutierrez-Aguon team took out a full page ad in Thursday’s PDN displaying a letter they wrote to  Calvo’s General Manager Paul Calvo condemning the plan saying that it would increase monthly premiums by nearly 300%.

Of the 18 plans, 4 have increases above 200%.

The SelectCare2000 [$2000 deductible] Class V plan for 2 GovGuam Employees would boost the monthly premium from $45.24 a month now, to $175.18 a month next year. A  287.21% increase.

The same plan for retirees raises the monthly premium from 45.24 to $175.16,  a 287.18% increase. 2 other plans have increases of 257.54% and 257.60%.

The other 14 plans have increase of under 200% with 4 plans showing increases under 100%.