Gutierrez-Bordallo campaign files Mini Hatch Act violation complaint with AG


Guam – The Gutierrez-Bordallo campaign says it’s being unfairly persecuted stemming from allegations it illegally engaged in political activity at a recent government-sponsored event.

In a letter to Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, vice chairman of the Gutierrez-Bordallo campaign Jess Lujan wrote the Department of Public Health and Social Services actively solicited ad sales from multiple campaigns, not just from former Governor Carl Gutierrez…and that others running for office were quote – working the room – end quote…introducing themselves to prospective voters.

The AG has opined that a Gutierrez supporter may have violated local laws that ban certain forms of politicking. Lujan said it’s blatantly obvious the requested opinion was “nothing more than a cheap political ploy.”

In his letter to the AG, Lujan says Public Health employee Chad Palomo approached their campaign to solicit advertising into the department’s conference booklet. Lujan provided an email chain to the AG’s Office to prove Palomo had solicited the campaign’s ad placements into the Public Health booklet.

In fact, Lujan says other campaigns were advertised in the booklet as well—clearly indicating that other campaigns may also be in violation of the Mini Hatch Act.

“Since you may not have been aware of these additional activities, this letter is to inform you of them and to lodge a criminal complaint for your office to investigate them,” Lujan said.

The AG’s Office says they received the Guterriez-Bordallo complaint and will investigate.

“The prohibitions of the Mini Hatch Act apply to actions of government of Guam employees as well. The Civil Service Commission has jurisdictiom to entertain written reports of violations of the Mini Hatch Act and the OAG will investigate any allegation of criminal wrongdoing,” said Barrett-Anderson in a statement.