Gutierrez & Calvo Both Confident of Victory


Gutierrez And Calvo Talk About Why Voters Should Vote For Them

Guam – Today is election Tuesday and the biggest seat up for grabs is the highest elected office on Guam the Office of the Governor. PNC spoke to both current Governor Eddie Calvo and Former Governor Carl Gutierrez about why they think they should serve as the next governor of Guam.


 Governor Eddie Calvo is confident that he will win because of his record of achievements versus his opponents record of achievements. “I’m hoping that by the record of Ray and I and what the promises that we’ve made and what we’ve accomplished that will in itself give the confidence to the people to allow us another four years to serve the people of Guam.” The Governor says that if given the opportunity to serve another four years his administration will accomplish even more than they already have. “We do believe you haven’t seen anything yet. Whatever success that we’ve had and we’ve done a lot now that we’ve stabilized this island government and now that we’ve stabilized this economy now we’re going to be reaching for the stars,” said Governor Calvo.


 Former Governor Carl Gutierrez is also confident that he will be victorious, but he doesn’t buy what this administration has been saying about it’s finances. “The first thing I’m going to do is find out what the real story is in government because I think the transparency is really not transparent there’s a lot of hocus pocus going on with the finances and that the priorities were not delineated and so we need to get in there with our transition team and find out exactly what has gone on and how to extricate ourselves in case there’s something that befalls us,” said Gutierrez. The former Governor says the people of Guam need to vote for his administration to ensure that contracts are awarded fairly. “I believe there’s a need for a change for accessibility and real transparency. Gary and I business is only the people’s business we don’t have a corporation that we might try to channel contracts to which has been very very evident over the last four years. There’s an unfair bidding. There was no level playing field for businesses on this island,” said Gutierrez.