Gutierrez Camp Fires Back, Calls Calvo Health Platform Statement a “Coverup”


Guam – Late this afternoon, the Gutierrez/Augon campaign fired back at the Calvo/Tenorio statement issued earlier today on the health insurance controversy.

The Gutierrez/Aguon statement called the Calvo/Tenorio release “a transparent attempt to cover up Sentor’ Calvo’s connection to Calvo’s Insurance,”

The Democratic team accused their Republican rivals of pushing “the preposterous idea that Senator Calvo has no connection to Calvo’s insurance even though it is run by his brother.”

The release also states that former Governor Carl Gutierrez was the only candidate at Wednesday’s Chamber debate “to present a long term solution for the exorbitant cost of health insurance on Guam.”

The Gutierrez/Aguo release is reprinted in its entirety below:

In a response to today’s statement by the Calvo/Tenorio campaign, Senator Frank Aguon Jr. stated:

“This is clearly a transparent attempt to cover up Senator Calvo’s connection to Calvo’s Insurance. The Calvo/Tenorio campaign continues to  push the preposterous idea that Senator Calvo has no connection to Calvo’s Insurance even though it is run by his brother.  If Senator Calvo has no connection with Calvo SelectCare, why doesn’t he make clear his position on the contract?

Former Governor Gutierrez was the only candidate at yesterday’s Chamber Debate to present a long-term solution for the exorbitant  cost of heath insurance on Guam while Senator Calvo failed to really address the question.  Governor Gutierrez said he would work with the legislature to amend the law and ease the restrictions required for the admittance of off-island insurers (Title 22, Chapter 15 GCA).

The Calvo SelectCare contract raised rates by as much 300% on 16,000 families in this community.  It is costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.   The voters have a right to expect both teams to be forthright as to whether they are in favor of the contract or not.  The Gutierrez/Aguon team has made their position clear. Unfortunately, the Calvo/Tenorio team  has not.  If Senators Calvo and Tenorio are really interested in solutions and the truth, we urge them to join us in supporting Lt. Governor Mike Cruz’s request for full disclosure of their profit and utilization data.

Filling their press releases with baseless accusations and wild exaggerations just will not do as a response.  The people deserve a straight answer.”