Gutierrez Campaign Chair Lizama:”This Election Will Be Decided by the Courts”


Guam -In a letter Saturday morning to the Guam Election Commission [GEC], before that evenings certification of the results,  Yigo Mayor Bob Lizama, the campaign Chairman for the Guiterrez-Augon campaign,  put the GEC “on notice” of what he called “numerous election related complaints.”

Citing several events in his letter, Lizama claims “the integrity and custody of the ballots to be recounted have been compromised.” And because of what he calls “the scandalous fashion in which these ‘secret ballots’ have been treated … voters have been disenfranchised, the election results have been tampered with, and thus any recount will only serve to perpetuate the apparent fraud that is being inflicted upon the voters of Guam.”

Lizama asked the GEC to “delay the recount until the integrity and chain of custody of the ballots can be investigated.”

But, the Election Commission voted to certify the results within minutes after the re-count was completed on Saturday evening. Within an hour, Lizama released a statement to the media announcing that a lawsuit would be filed.

Lizam’s Saturday Evening Statement to Media on Pending Lawsuit:

“We will be filing a lawsuit to de-certify this on the basis of the scores of complaints we;ve already filed that have not been addressed by the Guam Election Commission. This election will be decided by the Courts.”

Read the letter from Lizama to GEC Board                       

Among the specific allegations cited in Lizama’s letter that will form the basis for the election challenge are:

*”numerous ballots were removed from various precincts by [GEC] Director Blas himself and transported by him to other precincts while he was unaccompanied. Such a removal and transfer is not authorized by Guam law.

*”All ballots were ‘guarded’ by a private security firm owned or controlled by Ray Tenorio, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, from the time they left the tabulation center at the University of Guam until its arrival at the GCIC Building. Then, these private security guards of Mr. Tenorio continued to ‘guard’ the ballots even during the power outage of approximately four to six hours on the evening of November 3.”

*”People witnessed several locked ballot boxes at various precincts being opened by election officials during voting hours, contrary to applicable law, and ballots ere removed from the ballot boxes.”

*numerous absentee/early voter ballots, and possibly other ballots, were tampered with an/or altered by having the gubernatorial ballot removed or never included in the packet

*”provisional ballots were reviewed solely by clerks at the University of  Guam, and they made the determination of validity, contrary to Guam law which requires that the Commission make such a determination.”