Gutierrez Confident the Numbers In the General Election Will Be On His Side


Guam – Former Governor Carl Gutierrez is confident that his campaign for Governor will pick up a minimum of 20% of the primary votes that were cast for the GOP team of Cruz-Espaldon.

The Gutierrez-Aguon team  won 8,140 votes in the primary running unopposed for the democratic nomination. The losing GOP team of Cruz-Espaldon picked up 6,459 votes. If Gutierrez is right, 20% of the Cruz-Espaldon vote would give him an additional 13-hundred votes. And that would put him ahead of the 9,221 votes won in the primary by the winning GOP team of Calvo-Tenorio.

On the K-57 Good Question Program, which airs this Sunday, Gutierrez said many of his supporters have come to him and told him they voted for the Cruz-Espaldon ticket in the primary, “and from my gathering of that kind of information out there we can easily impute no less than 20% of the Mike Cruz support into our votes immediately.”

Gutierrez also told Host Ray Gibson that he is not counting on the Cruz-Espaldon cross-over votes alone. He expects voter turnout will be higher in the General Election.

Referring to the low voter turnout, Gutierrez predicted that a lot of his supporters who sat on the sidelines during the primary will turn out to vote for him in the general election.

“A lot of them out of the 21-thousand that did not vote, they didn’t need to come out and vote for me because I already won,” he said. “Those are coming in the general election.”

You can catch all of Ray’s interview with Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Carl Gutierrez this Sunday on “The K-57 Good Question” program which airs at 6 pm on ABC 7,  and 6:30 pm on Fox 6.