Gutierrez Going to Wait for Recount


Guam – While the Calvo/Tenorio team may be claiming victory the Gutierrez/Aguon team is waiting to see if there will be a recount.


It was a long night. With the tide turning both ways. It went down to the wire and even in the wee hours of the morning it appeared that no resolution was in sight. The Gutierrez/Aguon team began the night with a slight lead after the first few precincts were reported. As the night dragged on however the Calvo-Tenorio team would get a signifigant lead but then as more precincts were reported the Gutierrez/Aguon team would chip away at the lead keeping the race close. It was so close that the final score put Calvo/Tenorio up by 583 votes. It was enough to give Calvo/Tenorio a 50 percent plus one lead as is required by Guam law to declare a victor. However, it was not close enough to prevent the possibility of a recount. By law if candidates are within one percent of each other a recount is in order. In fact even elections with a 2% margin are often recounted just to be sure. “I’m standing here in the midst of the Gutierrez/Aguon campaign they are meeting here behind us they have not decided yet to concede or whether or not to ask for a recount,” reported PNC journalist Shawn Trevillian.


With such a small margin of victory, Gutierrez would not concede. Surrounded by his closest supporters the former governor indicated that the election was over but that they would wait for the GEC to decide on the need for a recount. “The counting’s not over yet the elections over the counting’s not. Okay guys I really appreciate the perseverance you have shown tonight and we’ll all regroup after we hear what the election commission’s gonna do for reconciliation of this election and see what happens when there is a recount and thank you, we’re still the one,” said Gutierrez.


According to a release issued by the gutierrez/aguon team they will not concede and will not make any official comment until the guam election commission decides whether or not a recount is needed.