Gutierrez/Gumataotao Ask for Hand Count Audit of Election Results


Kin Perez Says Ballot Tabulators Are Easy to Tamper With

Guam – The Gutierrez/Gumataotao team is requesting for a hand count audit of the election results. Campaign Chairman Kin Perez says the results of the election are questionable. Calvo/Tenorio won every single precinct in the general election and Perez says this is unheard of.


“The letter that I delivered to Maria Pangelinan is requesting the commission to conduct a manual audit of ten randomly selected precincts just to assure and guarantee the integrity of the election,” said Perez. Perez filed a letter with the Guam Election Commission on behalf of the campaign requesting a hand count audit of the election.

Perez says that he’s been around politics for a long time and has never seen such a lopsided victory. In fact Calvo/Tenorio won every single precinct in every village on Guam. This is something that Perez says is unprecedented.

In his letter to the GEC Perez cites various reasons for the recount including the fact that many jurisdictions that use these machines also require mandatory audits of the count after the election. However he also states in his letter that recent studies have shown that the ES&S M650 balloting machines are completely vulnerable to tampering or hacking within only three minutes. He also cites examples of various jurisdictions like the state of California that have had problems with these machines.


It should be noted however that the company that makes these ballot tabulating machines is the same company that Guam has always used for elections. The GEC just received the letter late this afternoon so the commission has yet to decide how to respond to the request. The results of the election have yet to be certified and the GEC won’t be able to certify the election until after the 19th to allow for off-island ballots to arrive.


  1. Let them do a recount just to satisfy GG. It may end up resulting in an even larger count in favor of CT.

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