Gutierrez Speaks To Okkudo High School Students


Guam – With a little over a week to go before the primary election, an American Government teacher from Okkodu High School invited the three gubernatorial teams that are running for Adelup, to be guest speakers for her class.  Carl Gutierrez took his turn Thursday, addressing a crowd of over 200 students.

An American Government teacher from Okkudo High School, Luz Annette Payumo wants her students to be knowledgeable about Guam’s political issues.  Payumo thought it would be a good idea to organize an event to introduced her students to this years gubernatorial candidates.  She says over the next two days, students will listen to the platforms of both Democrat Former Governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez and Republican Eddie Baza Calvo.

Payumo says, “With this military build up that’s what the students are interested in most. How will governor take care for our island and how will he care for our infrastructure and everything. What will he do to do to take care of the people of Guam.”

Today Carl Gutierrez addressed a crowd of over 200 students at the Okkudo campus. Some of the topics discussed pertained to the military build up, education, Guam’s infrastructure and jobs. .

Payumo is happy with today’s turnout to see Gutierrez because says it shows that the students and teachers are all interested to see and hear what he has to say.  during his race tor Adelup. She hopes in a small way that this event will get people to vote.

Payumo, “So that our students can could go ahead and make up their mind and go home and discuss this with their parents. You never know, look at what happen in the case with Obama, many of the youngster went home and convinced their parents to vote for Obama and that’s what happen and you never know, you just have to make them see every avenue. “

17 year old Queensley De Leon, an American Government student, says its a good Idea to have Carl Gutierrez come to their school.
According to  De Leon,  “I find it a learning experience to have him come to us. Knowing his views of the current issues and knowledge about Guam gives me a positive feeling of what is going to happen to our island.”

16 year old Jeremy Denusta says this event gives the students a view on Gutierrez’s campaign and what the candidates want to do for the people of Guam
Denusta, “Carl Gutierrez is very convincing when he answered my question as truthfully as he can, and I was convinced. When Calvo & Tennorio team or Cruz & Espaldon team comes here,  I will listen diligently to see what they have to say and hope they have a good running election in their campaign.

According to Payumo , this is an exciting time of the year because of the up coming elections. She wants her school event to motivated students to get out and register to vote. But if her students are not 18, she hopes they will influence their parents to register and vote. She says it’s important to get out there an exercise your right to vote.

Tomorrow at 1pm the Calvo & Tenorio team will meet with the students. But according to Payumo, she has yet to hear from the Cruz & Espaldon team.