Gutierrez Supporter Calls for Criminal Investigation Alleging 19 Double Votes


Guam – A Gutierrez Campaign supporter is calling for a criminal investigation into what he alleges are 19 cases of double voting involving individuals who cast ballots in both the CNMI and here on Guam during the November 2ed General Election.

The complaint was written by Gutierrez campaign volunteer Carlo Branch, who is also employed on the staff of Republican Lt. Governor Mike Cruz.

It was delivered today [Tuesday] to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Guam Attorney General and the Guam Election Commission.

Read Branch’s Complaint

“As a result of independent research that has been verified for accuracy, attached is a list of the 19 individuals who voted in both the 2010 Guam and CNMI Elections.”

“As you well know,” writes Branch, “the act of ‘double voting’ clearly and criminally violates both Federal and local election law.”

He calls for “the pursuit of rationally based criminal charges against the named individuals.”

And Branch also expressed concern that the 19 individuals cited in his complaint “may represent only a small fraction of a much larger whole.”