Gutierrez Sues Moylan and Akimoto for Five Million Each


Guam – Former Governor Carl Gutierrez is suing former Attorney General Doug Moylan and Dr. Vince Akimoto.  Moylan represented Akimoto in a 2002 lawsuit that the doctor filed against the former governor for allowing a wrongful death payment that Akimoto believed to be nothing less than government misspending.

Governor Carl Gutierrez spoke on K57’s Breakfast Show with Ray Gibson Wednesday morning about the five million dollar lawsuit he has filed against Dr. Vince Akimoto and former A.G. Doug Moylan.

“Well you know first of all Doug Moylan filed when he was running for A.G. in 2002 decided to file a complaint and went shopping for a client and got Akimoto to sign on with him,” said Gutierrez adding, “but he’s filed this thing made me pay thousands of dollars trying to defend myself and he you know he tried to (get me to) pay back the 150 thousand dollars for the Therese Hart settlement and he could’ve seen that that settlement did not have my correct signature on it it was one half a piece of paper that it was signed on and they could’ve seen that it is not going through the regular settlement process and my signature was also forged.”

Gutierrez claims this lawsuit was all part of a plan to launch Moylan’s campaign for A.G. during a time when he says everyone was attacking him and accusing him of being corrupt. Because of this Gutierrez says he is not only suing them for the cost of legal expenses but also for $5 million dollars in punitive damages from each of them.

“He thinks that it’s O.K. to hurt my family by putting a malicious prosecutorial lawsuit like that it ain’t gonna happen you gonna have to start paying and start treating your office in a corrupt manner like you did out of the A.G.’s office Doug you and Akimoto teaming up like that you know it’s time that I’m going to make them pay for what they did to me and my family.”

Dr. Akimoto told PNC news today that he never knew that Carl Gutierrez claimed his signature was forged and that this never came up before and was never proven in court. Akimoto says if this is true then there needs to be an investigation into who forged the signature and then that person should be prosecuted.