Gutierrez Team Alleges Calvo Campaign Made “Illegal Campaign Expenditures”


Guam – The Gutierrez-Aguon team has filed a complaint with the Guam Election Commission alleging that the Calvo-Tenorio Campaign made “illegal campaign expenditures” to its supporters for medical and other personal expenses.

The complaint was filed today by Gutierrez campaign volunteer Carlo Branch. In it, Branch alleges that the Calvo-Tenorio campaign made “approximately 300 illegal campaign expenditures.”

Read Branch’s letter of  complaint to GEC

Accompanying Branch’s complaint is a document titled “Analysis of Calvo Tenorio Campaign Report Potential Violations of 3 GCA Section 19112.”

This “analysis” lists numerous “expenditures ranging from $21 to $4,500. The vast majority are in the $50 to $100 dollar range which are marked as “expenditures” for things like “Medical” or “Medical Fundraiser”  and “Prescription.”

In addition the report shows that the Calvo-Tenorio team listed expenditures for other things like “funeral expense”; a “Family reunion”; even “Travel-Child custody.”

In his complaint, Branch cites Guam law which states “A candidate …. shall not make any expenditures … for any purpose other than those directly related to his own campaign … or the issue with which they are directly associated.”

See 2 pages of the 12 page list of alleged “illegal campaign expenditures”

Branch writes: “You will note that many campaign expenses reported by the Calvo-Tenorio team involve specific monetary contributions to individual voters.”  He concludes that the Calvo – Tenorio Team “has engaged in clear violations of election law and should be subject” to penalties.

Last month, Branch filed a different complaint calling for a criminal investigation into what he alleged were 19 cases of double voting involving individuals who cast ballots in both the CNMI and here on Guam during the November 2ed General Election.