AUDIO: Gutierrez Announces His Withdrawal From OPA Race


Guam – Former Governor Carl Gutierrez announced on the K-57 Breakfast Show Friday morning that he is withdrawing from the race for Public Auditor.

Gutierrez said that he sent a letter Thursday night to Democratic Party Executive Director Carlo Branch saying that he will agree to their request and bow out of the race in order to help support the democratic candidates in the November election.  

In a letter, addressed to “My Dear People of Guam”, Gutierrez  writes:

“Recognizing that my greatest strength is in my political base in the Democratic Party of Guam, and having the utmost respect for the letter of the law requiring non-partisanship and political independence, I feel that the most appropriate thing at this point is to do as my party has asked and hit the campaign trail – not as a non-partisan candidate for Public Auditor, but as Carl Gutierrez, the Democrat.”

READ former Governor Gutierrez’s letter HERE


Gutierrez also urges Senators to introduce “legislation to restore the original term limitation” for the Public Auditor’s position.

“I am going where I am most effective and most needed, and that’s with the People’s Party,”  writes Gutierrez. And he concludes with “I feel that I have done what I set out to do, which is to call attention to the office of Public Auditor – a position which is vastly powerful and vested with protecting the public process and the public dollar, and a position which has been allowed to exist under the public radar far too long.”