Guttierez-Aguon Question Governor’s Decision to Sign Health Insurance Contract


Guam – The Democratic Gubernatorial team of Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr. are questioning the signing of the fiscal year 2011 Gov Guam health insurance contract. As you may recall the Gutierrez Aguon team have been critical of the contract and the raise in insurance rates.

The Gutierrez Aguon team said in a release that it was “A midnight rush to sign the contract in lake Tahoe both the actions of governor Felix Camacho and Calvo Enterprises have been revealed to be a collusion between big money and big power with our working families as the loser.”

Senator Aguon explained that:  “There are a few questions that I did ask the governor is why the rush why the rush to sign this contract when in fact fiscal year 10’s contract was not signed until yesterday also and fiscal year ten ends as of today.”

 Recently Lt. Governor Mike Cruz asked Calvo’s Selectcare to provide information regarding things like their loss ratios and administrative costs before Gov Guam signs the health insurance contract. Now that Camacho has signed the contract that request appears moot. “Why not respect your Lt. Governor candidate when he had requested and inquired about providing some additional information so that at least the people of Guam and the public employees and retirees would know where exactly the increases are,” said Aguon.

 The Gutierrez-Aguon team aren’t the only ones questioning the signing of this contract. Senator Rory Respicio is also wondering why Camacho signed the contract when the Lt. Governor wasn’t prepared to.

“You know I just it just really smacks of some kind of deal that was made and it also smacks in the face of Governor Camacho for not respecting his Lt. Governor as acting governor of Guam,” said Respicio. The senator adds that the governor should have considered re-negotiating this contract and shouldn’t have felt rushed to sign it. Especially considering the fact that the Gov Guam health insurance contract hasn’t been signed for the last two years.

“What I wanna know from the Attorney General Clynt is how do we go two years without a signed contract and how does this administration continue to be allowed to circumvent the laws and outright ignore them,” said Respecio. The senator also wants the A.G. to give an opinion on the two years of unsigned health contracts because it sets a precedence.