GVB: 16 Charter Flights From Taiwan To Guam for Chinese New Year


Guam – The Guam Visitors Bureau says that 16 charter flights from Taiwan to Guam have been scheduled for the 2011 Chinese New Year period.

China Airlines has scheduled 10 flights to Guam and Continental has already committed to 6 charter flights.

The commitment from China Air came at the start of the Taipei International Fair taking place this weekend in Taiwan.

In a release, GVB says that China Airlines Vice-President James Yu met with GVB representatives to discuss tourism and the possibility of additional seats and daytime flights to Guam and as a result of that meeting the decision was made to schedule 10 charter flights during the upcoming Chinese New Year (late January to mid-February), three of which will be daytime flights.

GVB Marketing Manager Pilar Laguana is quoted in the release as saying:

“Taiwan arrivals to Guam from January to October 2010 have increased more than 40.8% from the same time period last year. Given the increased business opportunities brought on by the military build-up, we believe the travel market will continue to grow – not only among visitors traveling for pleasure but among business travel as well. China Airlines’ Guam route has shown an average load factor of more than 80 percent, and a load factor of more than 90 percent from August to October. To accommodate any impending increase, it’s important we increase our seat capacity.”

Six additional charter flights were also announced by Continental Airlines, which when combined with the China Airlines flights total 3,500 seats.

“This is exciting news,” Laguana said. “GVB will continue to cultivate the Taiwan market, and will continue supporting the airlines and agencies who promote Guam travel. This includes supplying various marketing resources, hosting our signature events like the Guam Micronesia Island Fair (GMIF)
and the Guam Ko’Ko’ Road Race, while we simultaneously concentrate our energy on new social media tactics.

For the 18th consecutive year, Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) currently has representatives at the Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF) in Taiwan, one of several marketing efforts geared toward cultivating the Taiwanese market.

This year’s GVB booth (A1918) will be the largest in the American Pavilion, featuring performances by traditional Chamorro music and dance, as well as authentic weaving demonstrations.