GVB and MVA Discuss Joint Efforts to Promote “Destination Marianas”


Saipan – Guam Visitors Bureau Chairman Monte Mesa and General Manager Joann Camacho were in Saipan June 19 and 20 to meet with Marianas Visitors Authority Chairperson Marian Aldan-Pierce and Managing Director Perry Tenorio.

The meeting highlighted the commitment by both State Tourism Organizations (STO) to continue working together to promote “Destination Marianas” in travel trade shows internationally.

In March of this year, GVB and MVA sent a joint delegation to Moscow, Russia to promote the Mariana Islands at the 2012 Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (MITT). The largest travel show in Russia, MITT marked renewed efforts by GVB and MVA to promote Guam and the CNMI jointly.

[GVB General Manager Joann Camacho and GVB Chairman Monte Mesa paid a visit to Governor Benigno R. Fitial to reiterate GVB’s commitment to working with MVA to promote “Destination Marianas” at a meeting on June 19, 2012 on Saipan]

In a joint statement, GVB and MVA reiterated that there are other opportunities for the STO’s to work together adding that, “MITT was just the beginning of this collaborative relationship to promote the Marianas region. Markets like Russia present many opportunities for economic growth for both jurisdictions. By working together we will be able to maximize opportunities for inter-island travel that will benefit the people of both Guam and the CNMI.”

While in Saipan, GVB General Manager Camacho and Chairman Mesa, also took the opportunity to meet with Governor Benigno Fitial and President of Tan Holdings Jerry Tan who recently launched Saipan Air in Tokyo. Chairman Mesa reiterated GVB’s commitment on behalf of its Board of Directors to work with MVA for the benefit of the Marianas. In a separate meeting, Mr. Tan gave an update on Saipan Air, which will begin servicing the CNMI on July 1, 2012.

[L-R: Marianas Visitors Authority Managing Director Perry Tenorio, Guam Visitors Bureau Chairman Monte Mesa, MVA Chairperson Marian Aldan-Pierce, GVB General Manager Joann Camacho, and President of Tan Holdings and MVA Board Member Jerry Tan after a meeting held at the Kanoa Resort on Saipan, June 19.]

Association of Pacific Island Legislatures

While in Saipan, General Manager Joann Camacho gave a presentation at the 31st Assembly of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures. The presentation updated the members of APIL on Guam’s efforts to promote the destination and the need for them to continue supporting travel and tourism throughout their destinations as it is the fastest growing industry in the world.

“By the year 2022, the World Travel and Tourism Council projects this industry to become 10 percent of world’s GDP contributing more than 10 trillion dollars to the global economy and provide over 300 million opportunities for employment,” General Manager Camacho told the assembly of legislators. “If we work hard and work smart, we can be part of that growth.”