GVB approves funding for marketing plans

Guam Visitors Bureau (PNC file photo)

As the island prepares to open to tourism, the Guam Visitors Board approved funding for basic marketing plans for Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

On July 17, 2020, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero announced the removal of quarantine measures from “low-risk” areas for travelers staying on the island for less than five nights.

With the directive taking effect on July 24, Friday, tourism officials emphasized that marketing funds are needed immediately to boost arrivals from these destinations.

On Thursday, the board approved a motion proposing the transfer of around $1.2 million from the GVB’s rainy day funds for the development of the recovery plans.

During the same meeting, GVB Vice President Gerry Perez — presented a bleak tourist arrival projection for FY 2021…but he says it is now time to push economic activity and restore lost jobs.

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“Local residents and visitors have accepted social distancing and other health safety protocols at business establishments and basically this has become the new normal of customer service.  Our economy and businesses are closed because the economy is barely limping along. We need to scale up our effort for the financial viability of the businesses and also for the survival of local jobs,” Perez said.

Perez said it is time to invite back visitors from countries that share Guam’s low-risk COVID-19 health environment such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.