GVB: Total Arrivals Slip -1.4% in July


Guam – The Guam Visitor’s Bureau reports that total visitor arrivals slipped -1.4% in July.

Arrivals from Japan continue to fall, dropping -13.5%, a decline of  9,417 to 60,357.

However Korean arrivals continue to surge, rising 18.5% to 26,413. An increase of 4,121 over July of last year.  And arrivals from Taiwan rose 25.6% to 7,466 from 5,946 in 2013.

READ the preliminary July Arrival report HERE  

Arrivals from China were up 126.8% to 1,814. And Russian arrivals up 488.2% to 2,494.

READ the release from GVB below:

Korean, Chinese and Russian tourist numbers continue to soar

“The visitor industry is a volatile force with circumstances and consequences that often are beyond our control.  You only need to take a look at the challenges we’ve overcome since the beginning of 2013 to see that Guam is resilient.  We truly are a community that pulls together in tough times and we bounce back.  Our growing visitor numbers are proof that tourist markets are hearing the new message:  Guam is your vacation destination.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Guam’s second largest market, Korea continues to be a great story for Guam as arrivals show an 18.5% increase compared to July 2013 bringing in an additional 4,121 more visitors to the island.

Meanwhile, Guam’s other visitor markets continue its upward trend with arrivals from the Russian Federation increasing by an outstanding 488.2%, the People’s Republic of China by 126.8% and Taiwan by 25.6%. Arrivals also increased in Australia by 1.8% and Hawaii by 50.6%.

Overall for FY2014, arrivals reached over a million visitors, with 1,095,390 visitors being welcomed to Guam’s shores. For CY 2014, arrivals reached 767,370.

Attached is the Preliminary Month-to-Date Arrivals report for July 2014. Guam welcomed 109,735 visitors, which is relatively the same compared to last year. Please note that arrivals for July 30th were lower due to Tropical Storm Halong. However, diversification efforts continue to be successful as arrivals from Korea posted double-digit growth and Mainland China and Russia showing triple-digit growth over the same month last year.