GVB Board Chairman Baldyga – Statement on Tumon Incident


Guam – Guam Visitor Bureau Board Chairman Mark Baldyga issued the following statement in the wake of Tuesday night’s tragic stabbings in Tumon.



Late last night, we were shocked and saddened by a tragic incident that occurred in Tumon, Guam resulting in injury and loss of life for some of our visitors from Japan. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.  We can only imagine the pain and suffering that they must be feeling.  The people of Guam and the people of Japan have enjoyed a long and close relationship as friends for many decades.  The victims will remain in the hearts and prayers of all Guamanians for many years to come.

Guam has long been considered as one of the safest tourist destinations in the region and it remains so today.  U.S. federal immigration and customs protect our borders, and we dedicate substantial resources to ensuring that Guam remains a warm, friendly and completely safe holiday destination. This tragic incident was the result of a lone individual and represents the worst tragedy that this island has seen in many decades.  Police were on the scene within minutes and the perpetrator was immediately apprehended.  He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The safety of visitors to our island is our number one priority. We thank the Guam Police Department (GPD), the Guam Fire Department and private hotel security personnel who responded quickly and professionally.  We also appreciate our GVB team members who have been actively assisting the families at the hospital in providing translation and other services as needed.

Despite the fact that this was an isolated incident, we have asked the Guam police to increase their patrols in the hotel district and they have agreed to do so.  We were already in the process of installing an upgraded security camera system that will provide even further digital coverage throughout Tumon via a web based camera system that enables not only the police but all hotel security departments to view the camera feeds throughout Tumon.  The safety of our visitors & local community is a top priority and we will continue to provide one of the safest visitor destinations in the world.  It is simply a very sad tragedy that this one isolated incident has caused so much damage to the families of the victims.  As a father myself, I can only imagine their suffering.

Once again we sincerely express our deep regrets and condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and we ask that you keep them in your minds and in your hearts.

With our sincerest and heartfelt condolences.


GVB Chairman of the Board