GVB calls for travelers with a negative COVID test to also be exempted from quarantine

Scanning at the Guam airport (PNC file photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau board of directors has approved Resolution 2021-001, which calls for travelers with a negative COVID test within 72 hours to also be exempted from quarantine.

“The Board of Directors officially requests that Public Health officials support the safe efforts to reopen the visitor industry by amending the current mandatory quarantine guidelines for all unvaccinated visitors, including minors, by allowing those that present a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours to safely experience the island’s beauty, warmth, and hospitality,” the GVB resolution read.

Many of GVB’s tourism markets are struggling with their vaccination efforts so adopting a test-based entry requirement would significantly increase the number of tourists who can travel to Guam.

GovGuam had decided to adopt the vaccination-based requirement after it was found out that the 72-hour testing requirement is not fool-proof in shutting the virus out of Guam.

The same GVB resolution requires US military service members and allied military service members entering Guam “to have a confirmation or commitment from the US military that said personnel were vaccinated or are able to present a negative COVID test prior.”


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