GVB Celebrates Record-Breaking Month with October Visitor Arrivals


Governor Calvo expresses his confidence in the thriving tourism industry, which will bring Guam to reach the 2020 tourism goal. 

Guam – The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) is celebrating a record breaking month with October’s visitor arrivals.

On Monday, November 30, the Guam Visitors Bureau released a preliminary report on Guam tourism, revealing an 8 percent increase in visitors since last year, and the most visitors ever recorded for the month of October.

GVB’s Public Information Officer, Josh Tyquiengco talks more about the different factors and events this past year that have contributed to the growth of Guam’s tourism industry. “We had over 112,000 visitors recorded for the month of October 2015. And we want to highlight that and showcase that. Visitor arrivals are growing and diversifying and it’s all thanks to the efforts of our industry partners and GVB and just everyone working together to promote and attract visitors to our island home.”

Tyquiengco also adds, “There’s been a lot of different signature events and activities that have really promoted and portrayed Guam in different ways. Throughout the years, we’ve had Guam International Marathon, Guam Barbecue Block Party, and we’re also building up to FestPac next year. And we’re just inviting everyone to come to Guam and experience a different side of paradise. We have sports tourism, that’s big; we just had Ko’ko weekend earlier in the month of November. And then we have the Shop Guam Festival that’s going on now to February 2016.”

Governor Calvo says it’s amazing to see the results that are produced from all the hard work to grow and diversify arrivals to Guam. He says our economy continues to thrive and he is confident that Guam will reach the goals of the tourism 2020 plan.