GVB debuts Shop Guam media ambassadors


Guam – The shopping spree is on! Just in time for the holiday season right here on Guam. And local retailers are enjoying high-profile worldwide exposure from some well-known social media influencers.

Now through the edge of Valentine’s Day, eight digital media ambassadors with a combined fan base of 12 million are helping promote the island’s Shop Guam e-Festival in their homelands of South Korea, North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Russia, and Japan.

North American rep Eliana Lee Yu boasts more than 45,000 Instagram followers and 10,000 visitors per day. Born and raised on Guam and living in Los Angeles, Eliana keeps it real and grounded for new friends still learning the lay of this tropical land.

“Hafa Adai, everyone, my name is Eliana,” Ms. Yu introduced herself to the crowd of news media and visitor industry stakeholders gathered at Micronesia Mall’s center court for the Shop Guam launch on Tuesday.

“[I’m]Asian American but growing up on an island and [now I live in] LA [in North] America, which helps me represent–be more relatable to–other minorities who really wanna go for their goals. And I’m really excited to share more about Guam’s culture, and everything that we have to offer on our beautiful island. Thank you.”

Guam Visitors Bureau selected these young women for their unique roles as popular social media stars to attract Christmas shoppers to Guam from abroad. The idea is to leverage the likeability of these lovely ladies to influence more shoppers to explore the very same products, services, and experiences that this trustworthy set of trendsetters endorse as “oh so worth” the time, effort, and investment in a pleasurable excursion to sunny, sandy, ocean-side US Guam, as they connect with and relate to their fans and followers through relationship building and branding.

Denise Laural is a well-known actress, singer, mother, and style maven from the Philippines who isn’t afraid to show her real side.

“It’s gonna take me opening up my private life to everyone as a young mom…as an actress, and just as a normal human being doing everyday stuff,” she said.

So while all these ladies are listening up and learning what makes Guam so special, they’re also sharing the unique and attractive personal traits that make them ideal ambassadors for the Shop Guam brand.

Perhaps Sai Sai, the the young woman representing China, best quantified the spirit of the moment with a tongue-in-cheek comment at the mall on Tuesday

“What makes [me] so special? First of all I want to say my last name is Quan, which is pretty similar to Guam,” Quan said to immediate laughter.

Little may she have known when she uttered those words that a multi-generational Chamorro family on Guam bears the same surname. Social media may be shrinking our world, but it was already small to begin with.

GVB is working with over 160 local vendors generating more than 250 offers for the seventh annual Shop Guam e-Festival. This is just the start of a yearlong Shop Guam campaign covering four promotional seasons. A free Shop Guam mobile app is available in six languages to help guide your local shopping interests.