GVB Donates Chamorro Language Dictionaries to DOE


Guam –  The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) is donating over 200 copies of the “Official Chamorro English Dictionary – Ufisiåt na Diksionårion Chamorro-

Engles” to the Department of Education today.
The Chamorro Language dictionaries will be distributed to all of Guam’s public school libraries as well as each Chamorro Language teacher at the Department of Education according to Ron Laguaña, Administrator of DOE Chamorro Studies division.
Through its Cultural Heritage and Community Outreach committee, also known as “CHaCO”, the Guam Visitors Bureau awarded a grant-in-aid of $14,000.00 to defray the expenses of a second printing of the Chamorro-English dictionary.
The retail value of the 384-page hardbound dictionary is $50.00.
This book is the first official Chamorro-English dictionary published by a government entity, the Department of Chamorro Affairs, under the Hale’-ta Book Series. It is a thirty-year goal expressed by a mandate in the 1970’s, to write a Chamorro-English Dictionary, and a Chamorro-Chamorro Dictionary according to the publication’s introduction.
“This is an exciting event for us, because if we are able to keep the Chamorro Language alive and thriving, it will help Guam keep its identity as a unique community and an attractive visitor destination,” said GVB General Manager Gerry Perez. “With a Chamorro dictionary in every Chamorro language classroom, we can assist today’s students keep the language alive and well.”

DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Bretania Underwood is scheduled to receive the Dictionaries during a ceremony in the GVB main conference room at 10:30 this morning.