GVB Elects Four New Board Members


Guam – The Guam Visitors Bureau held a meeting today to elect it’s new board members.

According to GVB general manager Ernie Galito there were only four people nominated to the board to fill four positions thus all four were elected. The four new members are Bruce Kloppenburg president of Kloppenburg enterprises, Monte Mesa general manager of Guam Premiere Outlets, Rizk Saad Executive Vice-President of Sandcastle inc., and Hayato “Jack” Yoshino president of Ken Corporation. “There are four elected board members of which they are the selected ones and so there will be four more governor appointed board members and then two by the speaker of the 31st Guam legislature one more from the mayors council of Guam and then from amongst those board members they select the 13th member,” explained Galito.

Galito says GVB is looking forward to a good year as all visitors markets are up and if the current trend continues they forecast a 4-5 percent increase in overall tourism numbers for 2011.